Tired of hunting and snipping for mac? Here is the solution to stay free in the internet! Must read..

-Basically a VIP MAC ADDRESS is special mac address that will only be used by one person or a household in one specific area hence it is called VIP.

No more Free Macs, Leechers gone dead, MUST READ!

Why can't you find free macs anymore in the internet?

Sorry guys, But I have to say this, gone are the days when you can easily reconnect your wimax by changing its mac address found anywhere in the internet. Sad but true, specially the newbies must know that the very life blood of your modem is a mac address. Without mac address your modem will be good as trash, or dead. Nowadays, globe has been doing a great job in implementing it's improved security regarding mac address. As a result of our test for several months to quench our theory about using mac address we have come to conclusion so please read below!

HOT!! How to Snipe Mac address Using 622m

First of all I want to thanks everyone who are loyal to my blog. I hope you enjoy all this Tutorials. This time i will be sharing to you a very Important aspect of using our Wimax modem. As we all know and notice for the past months mac address are easily detected and being patched. Meaning that after few weeks or even days mac address will now function properly because of Big Gs upgrade. Having the knowledge how to snipe for mac address gives you the freedom and peace of mind without worrying when your mac address will be dead. Because with this method you will always have back up mac address for future use.

How to use Mac Address series of Bm622m into your Bm622i/Bm622

Yes you can use your Mac address of your bm622m into your 622i/622 vice versa.. Watch the video how it its done. 

Wimax Protection Tools

Protecting our wimax is very important for us, because our wimax will always be Vulnerable to Firmware remote destruction and in that case we might not be able to use our modem to its desired function. Unless your modem is 2011-2013 package then you are safe, but in some instances it is still remotely destroyed.
 This post is a follow from this post. HERE!

Download Torrent Files Into IDM

Have you ever thought downloading your torrent file without waiting so long? Yes you can directly download your torrent files upto 1 Gb size*Free users by just following the video below! You can also use Internet download manager for faster download. Enjoy the Tricks!

Connected No browse! This May be The solution!

Many are experiencing Problems with their wimax, Upon Check your device the status may says it is connected but you cannot browse. Here is the solution, just simply change your DNS. use goole DNS. this will solve the problem. Follow video Below.

How to use Old Mac Series Into Bm622m

As you all know that their are only specific mac address that can be use into your Wimax Bm622m in order for it to be reconnected and used again. Please Refer here for list of mac series. Bad News is you cannot use your 622m to hunt or snipe for new mac address, therefore if you don't have NEW MAC SERIES then you cannot use your Bm622m.  Good news is we can use our old mac series. And I will be showing you how with this simple step by step tutorials on the video. Enjoy!

How to Change Mac Address of Bm622m 2012

Another Tutorial how to Change the mac address of Bm622m 2012, this is specially for newbies and Noobs. Follow the simple steps below to finally Reconnect your Wimax Bm622m.
What you need:
Wimax Bm622m 2012 
Mac Changer Download It 
Mac Address For bm622m Please Refer HERE!

Latest Updated:

How to Make USB Powered Wimax

Step by step tutorial how to make your Wimax USB powered. Now, after viewing this tutorial you will now be able to use your Wimax anywhere outdoor. Just enjoy the video guys.!

What you will need:

12v DC male connector/Adaptor.
Usb Wire .5mtr(Recommended) Old Printer usb Cord preferrably.